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How to Install Custom Skins and Art on League of Legends

☆ Guide by Lunaki

The first helpful thing I can tell you is to check out these two topics:

[RAF Manager] 

[Chinese Art]  

RAF Manager is a really nifty little program that will be doing almost all the packing and unpacking of the League files for you. I take absolutely no credit for it, which is why rather than downloading it and hosting it myself, I link to the topic. You can get to the official RAF Manager site here.  The instructions on how to install and use RAF are all in those topics. This guide will show exactly how to do it (with pictures!) because I know not everyone is really good at figuring these things out.

Another thing I should note is that all these changes are CLIENT SIDE, meaning that only you will see them on the computer you changed them on. Other people will not see the new loading screen art, or your custom skins. It's all just for your own amusement!  

Changing the default client art to Chinese art

First thing you're gonna wanna do after installing RAF Manager is unzip the art pack.  You can't do much with it in the zip file! I just extracted it to my desktop for easy access.  There will be two folders and a couple text docs. Honestly, the "How to Install" is pretty good for replacing the client art, but I will explain it here as well.

Tencent Art Pack

The Assets folder contains the client art - the stuff you see when you're in your profile, browsing the champion info, and in champ select. This is the easiest one to change. 

League of Legends Art Folder

You can go into the assets folder - inside is an images folder, in that is buddyIcons and champions.  I haven't done anything with the Buddy Icons folder, so I'm not exactly sure what it changes. I'd assume it changes those little pictures by your summoner name. But since it's local only I didn't see much point to it. (The Rammus one is best!)  As noted in the picture above, you can go into the "champions' folder and sift through the art. Of course, there's a lot of it!  This particular pack isn't completely up to date, but I haven't been able to find an updated one recently. The best thing about it is that it's completely optional which ones you install - and easy to tell which one's you're looking at. In the picture, I'm deleting the Rumble art - because I find it rather creepy. You can remove, add, or change anything you want. It's all name-based when it's repacked, so any image named "Ryze_Splash_0" for example, will show up when you are looking at the champion information for Ryze. Make sure you don't have duplicates!  Also try to keep the images the same resolution as the current art, or they're gonna look pretty bad. :D

The folder you're gonna want to get to can be found in:
C: Riot Games > League of Legends > RADS > projects > lol_air_client > releases > 0.0.0.??? > deploy > assets > images
I typed it out for anyone who can't see it in my image / is too lazy to maximize it to read.  The ??? in that folder name is a number that corresponds to whatever patch they're on. It's generally the best bet to assume it's the highest number. Because that'll be the most recent. 

When you're done altering the contents of the folder, just drag and drop it right in there - merge the folders and replace all the files. Next time you run your LoL client all the art will be the pretty new Chinese art! :)  This is only for the out-of-game stuff though, so keep that in mind. The loading screens, and champion "box" "circle" and "coin" images (what I call the little icon for your champion on the HUD, the circle is what pops up when someone gets a kill/takes down a turret, and the coin is the minimap indicator.)

On to that next!

Changing the In-Game Art and Skins

Since both of these things require RAF Manager to do I figured I'd give changing a skin a try as well, since I haven't actually done it before!  (It was successful, btw, otherwise this guide would be pretty useless xD)  

First and foremost you're gonna want to back up your files. I didn't find it super important, because honestly, if I happened to bug out my game, I'd probably just delete the whole thing and reinstall it or something - but that's just me taking the "easy" way out with my great internet speeds. :P  

Backing up League of Legends files

So after that stuff is backed up, you can go on to messing with the client files. I'll get into changing skins first, since changing the game art is pretty simple after you know how RAF Manager works. The best (and only) place I can think of to get good quality skins for League of Legends is LeagueCraft. For the sake of this guide, I did a quick search and chose a new Ahri skin, because she's a champ I play commonly that I don't particularly like any of the skins for (the default is nice, but not pink enough for me!) If you don't intend to change the game skins, you can skip these first few steps and start reading where I show how to pack the files using RAF Manager.  

When you download a skin off LeagueCraft, you'll get a zip file that contains something not unlike what I have in the following image:

Pink Ahri Skin Files

As stated in the picture, there are two parts to the skin files. The images are for putting in the assets/images/champions folder, the same place as in the previous part of the guide. If you don't care for the new art as much, you can skip this part. I did, because I happen to like the default Ahri art.  The other bunch of files are the in-game skin files which will change the look of the champion, and also the box, circle, and coin art. This is a bonus, since normally skin art doesn't show up in game when you use a skin that you've bought. You'll probably want to stick all the files for the in-game changes into their own folder, this makes them much easier to work with.

RAF Manager Skin Folder

Once you've gotten your files organized for whatever skins and the Chinese in-game art, all you have to do is drag the entire folder over into the RAF Manager window, in the big space on the top right (where you see the assets icon).  Give it a name so that you'll remember what that particular item does, because RAF will remember everything you've installed so that you can uninstall it later if you choose. It'll be pretty inconvenient if you forget which files are which later on if you want to change them. 

For the Chinese in-game art, take the folder called "Characters" from the art pack. Just like with the client art, you can go through it and take out the parts you may not want. It will be a bit harder to tell, though, since you can't see the images. They're all a different file type, so you wont get image previews.  Luckily, they're all named pretty much the same, so you can probably guess which one is which.  If not, and you're dead-set on not having certain ones added (for example, I removed Rumble and Karthus) you can add them one at a time and check the client in between each one (make sure you shut down RAF Manager in between) to see what it changed.. But that'd be a very long and tedious process and I don't recommend it.

RAF Manager Pack Files

The program is even friendly enough to tell you that it's going to be Installing checked items, and Uninstalling unchecked ones. Isn't that nifty? :)  I have a feeling my version of RAF Manager might be out of date, but after using it today, it works just fine.  After packing the files, you should be able to run League of Legends, go into a game, and see the new art on the loading screens, and in-game images!  Congratulations, you now have the awesome Chinese art, and if you chose to install a new champ skin, that will also show up. :)

As a bonus, I will also show you how easy it is to customize what you add and do not add.  Below are the files for the Ahri skin I downloaded. 

Pink Ahri Files

The image on the Left is with a full install of the Ahri skin pack. (In-game parts)  I don't particularly care for the new square, because I feel like it's been cropped funny. (To show her boobs, but the champion level blocks it, haha)  I prefer the default art, so I deleted that file mention in the previous picture to end up with my HUD looking like the image on the right. 

Pink Ahri HUDAhri HUD

I hope this guide helped!  If anyone has any questions or comments, feel free to email me at

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